Goat Gazette w white copy

The “Goat Gazette” was a monthly e-newsletter produced between 2015-2018 by OG staff at that time.  Unfortunately, this has been discontinued as OG does not have the resources at this time.  However , we are pleased to offer this extensive archive of previous newsletters:

Gazette Archives


December – Feeding frozen feed
November – We now know a lot about barn fire prevention
October – Balancing welfare and productivity
September – Air Male 
August – Preparing for emergencies
July – Improper storage of medications can be a big waste of money
June – Investigating Mortality in Ontario Dairy Goat Kids
May – Marketing meat goat kids
April – Tales from the grave – adult mortality research

March – Make disbudding less painful for everyone

February- Prevent early lactation health problems with this post-kidding checklist
January- Comparing Meat Breeds


DecemberOn-Farm Welfare Producer Education Package
NovemberSteps for the Euthanasia of Goats
OctoberMarketing Goat Meat
SeptemberAssessing Goat Welfare Made Easy
AugustHow to Breed Goats for Scrapie Resistance
JulyMilking Procedure Tips
June– Assessing Goat Health
May– Biosecurity at Goat Shows
April– Ventilation Systems for Dairy Kid Housing
March– Preventing and controlling Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL)
February– Management Practices for Raising Dairy Buck Kids
January– Out of Season Breeding


December – Weaning
November – Does your Dry off Management Ensure Doe Health and Welfare?
October – Preventing and Controlling CAE?
September – What is CAE?
August – Summary: Colostrum Management in Commercial Goat Production
July – Sub-acute Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy Goats
June – Troubleshooting High Bacteria Counts
May – Fly Control
April – Water Bowl Cleanliness
March – New Udder Health Manual
February – Every Kid Counts
January – Building a Warming Box


December – Goats and Water
November – Winter Preparedness
October – Following Good Biosecurity Protocols Can Keep Your Farm Disease- Free
September – The Importance of Record- Keeping
August – Foot Care for Goats
July – Expanding Your Facilities