Cost of Production

An accurate Cost of Production (COP) model can be used not only for self-assessment, benchmarking and maximizing efficiencies but it provides information to better evaluate changes structural changes to farm businesses or start-up opportunities.

Producers and industry partners have been using the previous results of the OG COP study when looking at some of the needs of the overall industry. The results help to give them a better understanding of the costs associated with the COP and assists them in identifying key target areas for improvement on their farm or in the industry as a whole.

As in previous years, the data was collected from a random sampling of licenced goat milk farms throughout the year. These farms represented a wide range of herd sizes, production levels, feed management systems, milk marketing methods, and geographic locations. A 3rd party accounting firm collected all of the data at the farm which provided additional professional accuracy, integrity, and transparency.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact the Ontario Goat office.

2016 Cost of Production Study Results- Released October 2017

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