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About Ontario Goat

Ontario Goat represents Ontario’s milk, meat and fibre goat farmers with a united voice and is dedicated to enhancing the goat industry through education, collaboration, innovation and strategic alliances.

Founded in 1951, the organization’s original name was “The Ontario Dairy Goat Society.” In 1986, the name was changed to the “Ontario Goat Breeders Association” to better reflect the ever-changing Ontario goat industry and the varied products this versatile animal provides. In 1989, the Ontario Goat Breeders Association (OGBA) was incorporated under the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The main objectives of the OGBA were to develop, provide and circulate sound and objective information about goats and assist goat owners in the improvement and development of goat breeds. The OGBA worked to encourage and promote the advancement of the goat industry and new technologies such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer. The organization assisted in the development of the dairy, meat, and fibre markets in Ontario, while continuing to promote the sale and export of agricultural products relevant to the goat industry.

In 1999, the OGBA secured funds from the Toronto Stockyards Land Development Board as a result of the historical data supporting goat marketings at the old Toronto Stockyards. The OGBA would receive an annual percentage of the lease revenue from the redevelopment of this site to support research initiatives for the goat industry.

In 2009, the OGBA joined with the Ontario Veal Association (OVA) and Ontario Rabbit (OR) to create the Ontario Livestock Alliance. The funding for this initiative allowed for increased staff resources, the development of a joint organizational infrastructure, as well as the opportunity to address important industry development projects in each of the sectors. Without this funding, the OGBA would be reliant solely on a voluntary Board of Directors with no budget for operational activities or staffing. This funding also provided for the development and implementation of a plan for each association to be self‐sustaining upon the conclusion of the partnership in 2013. Funding was provided by Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada’s Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri‐Food program, delivered in Ontario by the Agricultural Adaptation Council.

Upon entering the partnership with the OVA and OR, the OGBA became known by its short form of Ontario Goat (OG), although the organization still maintains its official registered business name.

Ontario Goat is proud of its accomplishments on behalf of the goat industry. Many have been made possible through partnerships with other agricultural groups and organizations, including:

Agricultural Adaptation Council
Foodland Ontario
Ontario Agri-Food Education
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food