Strategic direction

Ontario Goat’s strategic direction, vision and mission

The guiding force behind the projects, issues and policies undertaken by Ontario Goat (OG) is the organization’s strategic plan. It is this plan that focuses our efforts towards common goals and a shared vision. The strategic plan is also the connection in the governance between the Board and staff members. With an eye to the future, the Board and staff work together to accomplish both the mission and vision of the organization through projects and advocacy that address the specific strategic directions and goals.


Ontario Goat, as a united producer organization proudly representing Ontario’s meat, milk and fibre sectors, is dedicated to enhancing the goat industry through education, collaboration, innovation and strategic alliances.


To represent Ontario’s goat producers with a recognized organization focused on sustainable growth, industry development and profitability, in order for all sectors of the Ontario goat industry to reach their full potential.

Strategic directions

OG has five main strategic directions, which for the most part, encompass the many issues and business of the organization:

  • Organizational development
  • Producer programs
  • Government relations and advocacy
  • Communications
  • Consumer education