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We’re proud to launch Ontario Goat’s new monthly e-newsletter, The Goat Gazette, in an effort to provide goat producers and industry partners with timely and topical goat production and management information that addresses production issues being faced by the industry. The Goat Gazette will be released online and distributed via email monthly to all those who subscribe.  A web-based archive of previous issues will also be created as a resource for easy reference.  There is no cost to receive The Goat Gazette e-newsletter and anyone involved in the goat industry is invited to sign up.

Gazette Archives

January -Out of Season BreedingJanuary - Building a Warming Box
February - Management Practices for Raising Dairy Buck KidsFebruary - Every Kid Counts
March - Preventing and controlling Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL)March - New Udder Health Manual
April - Ventilation Systems for Dairy Kid HousingApril - Water Bowl Cleanliness
May - Biosecurity at goat showsMay - Fly Control
June - Assessing Goat HealthJune - Troubleshooting High Bacteria Counts
July - Milking Procedure TipsJuly- Sub-acute ruminal acidosis in dairy goatsJuly - Expanding Your Facilities
August - How to Breed Goats for Scrapie ResistanceAugust- Summary: colostrum management in commercial goat productionAugust - Foot Care for Goats
September - Assessing Goat Welfare Made EasySeptember- What is CAE?September - The Importance of Record-Keeping
October- Marketing Goat MeatOctober- Preventing and Controlling CAE?October - Following Good Biosecurity Protocols Can Keep Your Farm Disease-Free
November- Does your dry off management ensure doe health and welfare?November - Winter Preparedness
December- WeaningDecember - Goats and Water