2015 Ontario Goat Annual General Meeting & Producer Education Day

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2015 Annual General Meeting and Producer Education Day!

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 AGM Agenda Highlights

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  • Gosia Zobel will discuss the management practices found in a province-wide survey, and will show some of the key findings from the detailed on-farm study involving 10 Southern Ontario dairy goat producers. In addition to the projects, Gosia will provide examples of how research results can be used to develop science-based on-farm improvements. This project was a joint effort from the University of British Columbia and the University of Guelph.


  • Beginning with an overview of some of the key issues being faced in the dairy cow industry, Gosia will demonstrate that the dairy goat industry is in a unique, proactive position to guide research to prevent similar issues. She will introduce possible research ideas and will encourage audience input!


  • Jennifer Haley will present an overview of the recently completed ethnic meat marketing study. This project was a joint effort be-tween Ontario Goat, Ontario Veal, Ontario Sheep and Ontario Rabbit in order to better understand the marketing opportuni-ties for goat meat with Ontario’s diverse population. This presentation will give goat producers a better understanding of the opportunities for market growth within various ethnic populations in Ontario.


  • Animal identification and traceability is now a top priority for the goat industry.  As a goat producer, what do you need to know to implement on your farm to make traceability work in the goat industry?





Speakers Notes

What are Ontario’s dairy goat producers actually doing on their farms? – Dr. Gosia Zobel, University of British Columbia’s Animal Welfare Program

Understanding the Ethnic Market Opportunities for Ontario Goat – Jarrett Chung-Smith, Ontario Goat

And the Research Says… – Cheryl Clark, Actionable Market Research

Status Update for Proposed Traceability Regulations – Colleen McElwain, OMAFRA

Traceability and What it Means for Ontario Goat – Jennifer Bullock, Ontario Goat

The dairy goat industry’s opportunity to be proactive – Dr. Goshia Zobel, University of British Columbia’s Animal Welfare Program