Ontario Goat Launches New Producer Education Resource

Goat Gazette E-Newsletter Will Focus on Management Topics

Ontario Goat (OG) has launched a new monthly e-newsletter, the Goat Gazette, in an effort to provide goat producers and industry partners with timely and topical goat production and management information that addresses production issues being faced by the industry.

The first issue focuses on facility management and things to consider when expanding goat facilities, and can be found on the OG website at www.ontariogoat.ca/goat-gazette

The Goat Gazette will be released online and distributed via email monthly to all those who subscribe. A web-based archive of previous issues will also be created as a resource for easy reference. There is no cost to receive the Goat Gazette e-newsletter and anyone involved in the goat industry is invited to subscribe via OG’s website.

“The Ontario goat industry has grown rapidly but with a lot of trial and error on the farm and without a lot of research or production resources available to us” stated Anton Slingerland, Ontario Goat President. “Education tools like the Goat Gazette help share best management practices and tips so that, as an industry, we can all learn, grow and be successful” he added.

The Goat Gazette was created to help all goat producers- dairy, meat and fiber- deal with the many challenges that come with raising goats. The industry is comprised of mainly of first generation goat producers and there is not a lot of knowledge transfer between generations like other livestock sectors.

“Information aimed at production management, increasing yields and reducing cost of production will not only benefit the goat producer but the industry as a whole we move forward together” stated Jennifer Haley, OG Executive Director.

Industry communication and education is one of the three priorities mandated to Ontario Goat through the voluntary check-off agreement between OG, Hewitt’s/Gay-Lea and the Ontario Dairy Goat Cooperative. “The Goat Gazette is another example of the value that Ontario Goat provides to all involved in the goat industry by sharing resources and information” stated Slingerland.

Ontario Goat is dedicated to enhancing the goat industry through education, collaboration, innovation and strategic alliances. OG continues to focus on sustainable growth, industry development and profitability to allow all sectors of the Ontario goat industry to reach their full potential.

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