Ontario Goat Surpasses Expectations Detailed in Progress Report

6:1 Return on Investment realized through collaboration and partnerships

Ontario Goat (OG) has released its Progress Report as part of the reporting requirements for the voluntary check-off agreement that is in place with goat producers through goat milk brokers Gay Lea/Hewitt’s Dairy and the Ontario Dairy Goat Cooperative.  The report covers initiatives, activities and projects from January 2014 to September 2015 and highlights an astounding 6:1 return on investment for goat producers.

“I am extremely proud of the return on investment that OG has been able to provide the Ontario goat industry” stated OG President Anton Slingerland. “For every $1.00 invested by goat producers, OG has been able to leverage an additional $6.15 in funding for priority projects and initiatives that directly impact the viability and sustainability of the Ontario goat industry” he added.

The report summarizes the accomplishments and work of OG as the industry’s representative producer organization in addressing the three main priorities that were mandated to OG in the voluntary check-off agreement with Gay Lea/Hewitt’s Dairy and the Ontario Dairy Goat Cooperative (ODGC): industry communications, consumer promotions, and cost of production.

The initial two year agreement between OG, Gay Lea/Hewitt’s Dairy and ODGC started January 2014 and is set to expire December 2015.  OG is now calling on both brokers to renew the agreement for another two year term and asking producers to show their support for a renewal.

“When the agreement was put in place, thanks to the facilitation of former Dairy Farmers of Ontario Chair John Core, back in the Fall of 2013, the industry steering committee all agreed that if OG demonstrated value to producers through the three priorities, then it would be an easy no brainer decision to keep the momentum moving forward by agreeing to a renewal” stated Slingerland.  “I am not sure what more OG can do at this point to demonstrate our value to the industry” he added.

“I think it is clear from our Progress Report that Ontario Goat board members and staff have not only fulfilled our given mandate of the three priorities, but we have exceed all expectations by also strategically addressing emerging issues for the benefit of all involved in the Ontario goat industry” stated OG Vice President Eldon Bowman.  “Through a lot of hard work, dedication, cooperation and collaboration with government, producers and industry partners, our board and staff have shown how a professional organization can benefit all goat producers.  Personally, the half cent check-off is one of the best investments my farm has made ” added Bowman.

The Ontario dairy goat industry continues to grow at a fast pace with projected goat milk production volumes expected to reach an all-time high level by exceeding 42 million litres this year- representing a 200% increase in volume growth since 2005.  Meat goat slaughter continues to grow; however, consumer research indicates there continues to be an unmet demand for Ontario goat meat products.  Ontario Goat continues to call for investment in research and innovation to improve feed and genetics, to reduce production limiting diseases, and improve herd productivity in order to reduce cost of production for all goat producers.

“I am personally extremely pleased to see how my $0.005 cent per litre investment has grown in the past eighteen months and all the work that has been done on my behalf that I could never have done myself.  Really, the half cent per litre check-off has been, by far, the best investment I have made for my farm” stated OG Vice President Dirk Boogerd.  “With an almost $0.10 cent increase per litre in the price I am getting paid for milk this past winter, the $0.005 is very affordable and shows what the industry can do when we all pool our resources and speak with a united voice” he added.

“At the end of the day, Ontario Goat board and staff understand, and respect, the privilege and responsibility that producers have entrusted in us with their voluntary check-off and we believe we have been excellent stewards of this investment” stated Slingerland.  “It’s time for the goat industry to continue building on the positive momentum that has been generated so we can all capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead of us” he added.

Please click here for a PDF version of this press release.

Click here to view the full Progress Report or here to view a one page summary of the report.


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