News release: Goat producers turn down proposal for marketing board

Results indicate Ontario goat producers remain divided

GUELPH, Ont, July 23, 2012 ‐ The results of the recent producer expression of opinion vote held this past June have been released by the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (OFPMC). The voting results indicate that proposal submitted by Ontario Goat (OG) while supported by Ontario goat producers, did not meet the thresholds established by the Commission and therefore, has not passed.

“The Ontario goat industry has spoken at this time” stated OG President Tobin Schlegel. “We continue to believe that there is great potential for the Ontario goat industry” he added.

“Ontario Goat has been instrumental in the development and implementation of a number of tools, resources and initiatives that will continue to enhance the industry” added Schlegel.

“We remain convinced that in the long term, goat producers need to organize in order to work together cooperatively on the many issues at hand. Coming together is still the right thing to do” stated OG Vice President Terry McNeely.

“This is a real lost opportunity for the Ontario goat industry. It is disappointing given the tremendous a mount of investment that has been made in not only our organization but the entire goat industry over the past three years” stated OG Vice President Anton Slingerland.

Ontario Goat will now take some time to evaluate the results of the vote and get feedback from producers and industry partners in order to determine the next steps forward.

“We would like to thank the Commission members and their staff for their ongoing support throughout this entire process. On behalf of the board I would also like to thank our Ontario Livestock Alliance partners for their support. And of course a special thank you to our staff for their tremendous dedication and service to the Ontario goat industry” said Schlegel.

Ontario Goat is a non‐profit producer organization representing meat, milk and fibre producers with a united voice.


For more information please contact: Jennifer Haley, Executive Director, tel: 519‐824‐2942

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