Cost of Production as a Profitability Tool

Upcoming workshops will discuss COP and its role in production decisions

At this month’s Goat Profitability Workshops, Erin MacDuff, Policy Manager at Ontario Goat, will provide an overview of the recently released 2014 Dairy Goat Cost of Production pilot study results. She will also provide insights into areas where producers can make adjustments with the goal of increasing profitability. “It’s really exciting to finally have cost of production information on the dairy goat industry in Ontario” stated MacDuff. “This is the first time that a study like this has been done and the results are going to be very valuable to both producers and the industry as whole. These results show that there are a few key areas identified that producers can use and work towards lowering their COPs. We also see that there are some overall industry trends beginning to develop. The goat industry is in a growth phase and it is important now more than ever that producers know their COP and make investments where it counts.”

In addition to learning about OG’s COP, producers will also hear presentations from Kathleen Shore, Ruminant Nutritionist with New-Life Mills, on kid management; from Mike Draper, Livestock Community Sales Act Coordinator with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs, on goat welfare and when to cull; and from producers who have implemented Artificial Insemination on how AI has contributed to improving their productivity.

Kendra Keels, Director Producer and Industry Development, will introduce a number of new educational resources being launched by OG and discuss the path forward for both the industry and the organization. “The Ontario goat industry is growing rapidly and producers are hungry for information to help them achieve their business goals” stated Keels. Some of the resources Kendra will familiarize attendees with include The Goat Gazette, Colostrum Management for Commercial Goat Production, Management Practices for Raising Dairy Buck Kids for Meat and hypothermia poster.

There is something for everyone to learn at this educational event.  Improving profitability and productivity is the key to a successful operation.

The workshops are being held in three locations: Belleville Parkdale Community Centre (October 27), Tavistock Memorial Hall (October 29) and Listowel Agricultural Hall (October 30). Registration is only $25 per person and includes a lunch, speakers and session notes. In order to plan, pre-registration is encouraged.

Click here for more information and to access the registration form or contact Ontario Goat at or 519-824-2942 to register today!

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