Biosecurity Workshops offered by OSCIA

Don’t wait for signs of disease in your flock

Hear from the experts on how to enhance your farm’s biosecurity

Biosecurity on the farm can have a significant impact on animal health and welfare. The best approach to biosecurity is a proactive approach. Don’t wait for signs of disease in your flock before examining your protocols.

Goat and sheep producers are invited to hear from a veterinarian in an upcoming biosecurity workshop.

Available online or in person

This workshop is available either as a one-day in person workshop or as two 2-hour webinars accessible right from your farm office. Choose the option that best suits your schedule and your farm needs.

Learn from the experts

During the workshop, a veterinarian will outline the benefits of a biosecurity program and will identify key practices to help you enhance biosecurity for your farm.

Access cost sharing opportunities

Workshops are delivered by the Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association and OSCIA staff are in the know about funding programs and cost sharing opportunities. As you work through areas of improvement on your farm, staff may be able to identify cost sharing opportunities to support biosecurity improvements.

Don’t wait! Sign up today

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