Producer Expression of Opinion Vote

I know many of you are anxious to hear the results of the recent Producer Expression of Opinion vote that was held with the goal of achieving recognition for Ontario Goat as a farmer organization.

Ontario Goat met recently with the Farm Products Marketing Commission and unfortunately the results were not what we had hoped for. Quite simply: the vote did not pass.

We were able to communicate these results at our Annual General Meeting. Members and industry partners in attendance were just as disappointed with the results as we were. I am sure there are probably going to be many questions in the days ahead. What does this mean for Ontario Goat? What does this mean for the industry moving forward? What do our processors think about this? What does this mean for next steps for the board and staff?

Right now, we do not have those answers. It is important that we now take some time as a board and staff to reflect on these results. Producers have spoken and we accept the results, as disappointing as they may be.

On behalf of the Ontario Goat Board of Directors, I would like to thank all of our supporters who worked so hard during this process. Thank you as well to members of the Commission for their support and understanding of the importance to have a farmer voice for our industry. Having one
voice for our industry is just as important as ever.

Once we have come to some decisions about the next steps, we will be sure to communicate with our members.
Anton Slingerland,